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Monday, 12 May 2014

May 17, 2014 - BC #Supermoto is hosting its 8th annual season opener #Abbotsford #Tradex

BC #Supermoto is hosting its 8th annual season opener this coming Saturday (May 17th). The day will be dedicated to getting new members signed up and up to speed – Lots of practice time will be available! We will be helping new members understand the rules of racing, bike safety and tech tips. This will get you up to speed and ready to participate in the fun for the balance of the season! Don’t miss it, the action starts @ 8:00AM and goes until 5:00PM

Entree Fees:
• $90.00 PNWMA Insurance (Sign up starts @ 8:00am)
• $40.00 Practice Fee
• Racing Fees ($25.00 of practice fee will go towards your first race):
o 1st class: $60.00
o 2nd class: $40.00
o 3rd class: $20.00
o 4th+ class: $10.00

Gear Requirements:
• An off-road or dual-sport motorcycle in good working condition:
o All bolts tightened
o Chain adjusted
o Sportsman or dual-sport tires (dirt tires ok but not recommended)
o All lights and signals covered or taped
o License plate removed
o Catch can – a container to collect all fluids from overflow or breather tubes (carburetor, radiator, crankcase)
We will be helping people with these, bring a small pop can and some zap straps!
o No leaks or sweats from any part of the bike that could cause for fluid to fall on the track or pit area

Motorcycle safety gear:
•Goggles or eye protection
•Boots that cover above the ankle
•A leather race suit will offer the best protection but we will allow textile pants and or MX gear in good condition

Call Zach Leverington with any questions 778-836-5719! Or visit our website for details