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Monday, 24 February 2014

from evaluation to inspiration - Scot Barry Kaufman

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Location & Time

Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00 pm
Township of Langley Civic Facility,
Fraser River Presentation Theatre,
Fourth Floor, 20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley
Doors open at 6:30 pm. Presentation begins at 7 pm. This presentation is free to the public, no registration required. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment; seating is limited to 200 guests.

From Evaluation to Inspiration

FVRL is proud to host a special event that will change the way you think about intelligence, creativity, and human potential. Join us for an evening with Scott Barry Kaufman, author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined.
Severe ear infections rendered three-year-old Scott Barry Kaufman nearly deaf. As a result, he needed a few extra seconds to process things in real time—which landed him in a special education classroom. Inspired by his personal experience, Kaufman, now a cognitive psychologist, has made it his mission to debunk traditional methods of measuring intelligence. Why do we have such an obsessive need to compare students? Why do we insist on labeling and categorizing everyone?
In his talks, Kaufman encourages us—and specifically educators, school psychologists, parents, and caregivers—to move towards a culture of inspiration, where we only compare people to their past and future selves. He argues for intelligent testing as opposed to intelligence testing: deep evaluation that focuses on finding out a person's strengths and weaknesses, and the characteristics that make them unique. And, he advocates for thinking about talent and potential as moving targets—they're not inherent qualities we're born with, they're based on our engagement with something that is meaningful to us. When students are inspired or activated, they come alive.
Instead of using testing to sort gifted from ungifted students, Kaufman encourages audiences to take a holistic approach to evaluation that benefits all students. It's time to focus on a practical approach to individual needs that enables students to unlock their potential and reach their goals, at school and beyond.

About The Presenter

Scott Barry Kaufman is adjunct assistant professor of psychology at New York University and the author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined (2013, Basic Books).
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